Car Service & Tyre Sales Botanic Ridge

With more than 13 years in the car service and repair business, Sighs Tyre and Auto Centre makes you feel like you are part of the family. We will ensure that we repair or service your car to the utmost satisfaction. Our team of skilled and qualified mechanical always pay attention to details and have the experience required to diagnose and repair your vehicle. For us, we know that time is money, and that is the reason why we will take the shortest time possible to service your car and ensure that it is fully operational again.

Wheel Alignment Cranbourne, Dandenong

Services Offered

 Our company offers a wide range of car services, which include;

 Tyre replacement

 Our mechanics know exactly what it takes when it comes to replacement of tyres. We are an approved company that meets all the required standards and by working with us, be sure that you will never regret what you have to offer.

 Roadworthy certificate

 We will also inspect your vehicle and once we are satisfied with its operation; we will issue you with a roadworthy certificate. The certificate can especially come in handy if you want to resell the car.

 Wheel alignment

 Wheel alignment is also an important part of car maintenance. It helps your car wheels point in the right direction. Our company will watch out for uneven and abnormal tyre wear, steering wheel vibration among others during the wheel alignment procedure.

Other services include logbook service, car battery replacement, oil and filter among others.

 Our commitment

 For the many years that we have been in the car industry, our quality and excellent service have helped us build long term relationships with Botanic Ridge residents. Many of the locals are now visiting us to have their cars repaired, and the number of referrals we get is always increasing. Regardless of your car needs or budget, we will always work with you to ensure that your car gets exactly what it deserves.