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Car Battery Replacement Cranbourne, Cranbourne West, Cranbourne North

Car Battery Replacement

car repairsCar’s battery is a rechargeable battery that enables you to start the engine by providing power to the starter motor. In addition, it also provides power for car lights, stereo, powered seats, window motors, computer and other components that need electricity to function. If you have trouble starting your vehicle, visit us for car battery replacement in Cranbourne, Cranbourne West, Cranbourne North, Skye, Botanic Ridge, Sandhurst, Lyndhurst & surrounding suburbs. Here at Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre, we will inspect your car’s battery and determine whether your vehicle needs the battery replacement or not.

When Should You Have Your Car’s Battery Replaced?

Batteries that have completely discharged their electricity can’t start a car, but it doesn’t mean that the battery is dead. It can be recharged with a battery charge or by giving a jump start. However, there are some situations where you will not be able to recharge and reuse the battery. In those cases, you must opt for car battery replacement.

  • Slow engine crank
  • Low battery fluid level
  • Swelling & bloating of the battery case
  • Check engine light
  • Battery leak
  • Old age
  • Corrosion around the edges
  • Stinky smell

Though car batteries are designed to last for three to five years, battery life can be shortened due to extreme weather conditions and poor maintenance. At Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre, we have the right tools to review the performance of your car’s battery. If we found that the battery is beyond repairable, we will recommend replacement and even take you through every step of the process.

Why Should You Have Your Battery Replaced At Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre?

  • We will ensure that the new battery is optimal for the make and model of your vehicle.
  • We will look for other problems to ensure that there are no issues with your car.
  • We remove the corrosion and clean the battery terminals for better performance.
  • We strictly adhere to the safety standards when handling acidic electrolyte.
  • We use original, manufacturer recommended battery for your vehicle.

If you have concerns or question about your car battery, feel free to call us at 0387 524 599. We are more than happy to assist you with all your queries. Our services include logbook service, RWC, auto electricianwheel alignment and tyre sales & repairs. Our car mechanics specialize in all car service & repairs.