Car Service & Tyre Sales Skye

Signs Tyre and Auto Centre is a full-service auto shop that offers a wide range of car repair and maintenance services to residents both within the outskirts of Skye. Our mechanics are trained to handle different type of car models, offering a variety of services like brake jobs to oil changes, tyres repair services among others. We have the knowledge and experience to offer clients with professional and reliable car service to ensure that all their car’s needs are met. Whether it is a simple oil change, or you need major car repairs done, we are always ready to help, and our services are also very affordable.

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 What we offer

 Tyre services

At Signs Tyre and Auto Center, we not only offer tyre replacement, but we also have a wide range of tyres available. Regardless of your car model, our tyre prices are very friendly.

 Roadworthy Certificate

We will thoroughly inspect your car to find out any serious issues that may require attention. We will also compile the report for you and once your vehicle is in perfect shape, we will offer you with a roadworthy certificate.

 Logbook Service

 Our logbook service is inclusive of different safety checks to ensure that your vehicle is in perfect working condition. They include battery test, fluid level, clutch repairs, oil and oil filter change among others.

 Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment can be complex, and it is also inclusive of different parts. If the wheels are not aligned, the tyres will end up pointing in a different direction and this can affect your steering. It can also have a great impact on the durability of your tyres. Luckily, our mechanicals can solve the problem for you and ensure that your vehicle is in shape again.

Give Signs Tyre and Auto Center a try today and benefit from a wide range of quality and affordable car repair services. We are always confident in what we do, and you can be surprised at how easy and hassle-free it is to repair and service your car.