Tyres Sales


At Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre, we bring you the lowest priced car tyres and wheels for vehicles of all makes and models. Whether you want to replace your tyres with the same brand or from well-known tyre manufacturers, we have got you covered. From Continental, Bridgestone, Yokohama, and Michelin to Pirelli, Goodyear and Apollo, we have high-quality tyres and wheels from an extensive range of manufacturers.

Tyres for Sales

Tyres are the only contact between you and the road and play an important role in running your car smoothly. If your car tyres are not in good shape, it can affect your drivability and safety on the road. Here at Singhs Auto Centre, we have all types of tyres including all-terrain tyres, performance tyres, radial tyres, tubeless tyres, winder tyres, summer tyres and 4×4 tyres for SUVs, compact and sports cars. Our tyres are available in different sizes and ensure a perfect fit to your vehicle. Apart from tyre sales, we also provide tyre fitting, tyre rotation and pressure check solutions to our customers at reasonable prices.

Rims for Sales

At Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre,Our reputation as a well-established, specialised and reliable dealership allows us to provide our clients with high-quality rims for sales at economical prices. From rim selection to fitting, we give our clients a hassle-free experience and help them enjoy a comfortable ride. Our car rims are so elegant that they bring a new look to your car. We have a strict quality control process, ensuring that all our products are doubled checked before they are being delivered to our customers.

Reasons to Buy Tyres And Rims From Us:

  • Buying cheap tyres and rims from us saves you a lot of time.
  • We provide helpful insight into the products.
  • Our expert team offers advice on choosing the right tyres and wheels.
  • We stock tyres and wheels from the world’s leading brands.
  • We provide repair, fitting and replacement services.

Wondering how can we help you with choosing the right tyres and rims for your vehicle in Cranbourne, Cranbourne West, Cranbourne North, Skye, Botanic Ridge, Sandhurst, Lyndhurst & surrounding suburbs? Call 0433 196 076 and speak to one of our experts today!