Mechanics & Car Service Hallam

At Singh’s Tyre & Auto Centre, our certified car mechanics utilize advanced technology and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to provide car repair and maintenance services to all import and domestic vehicles. Whether your vehicle needs a specific service for your vehicle or you are due for scheduled maintenance, we can help. From basic tune-up to serious repairs, we provide a complete range of car services to our customers across Hallam and surrounding suburbs.

Our Car Services

 All our car services start with an accurate diagnosis and end with the correct maintenance or repair services. Whether you need a simple oil change, or your car requires thorough inspection, we are the best guys to contact. With our qualified technicians and the use of the latest technology, there are no repairs that are above our capabilities. The main types of services we offer include but not limited.

Car Repairs & Maintenance Service Hallam

Having built a reputation for integrity, transparency and quality repairs, we strive to offer the highest quality car repair and maintenance service at competitive prices. Our mechanics use the most advanced tools, equipment, and technology to diagnose and repair your vehicle to the industry standard. We continually keep investing in technology to stay up-to-date with the automotive industry.

Air conditioning

A properly working air conditioning system is important to keep you and your passengers comfortable on the road. If you realize that the AC unit is not blowing cool air as it used to be, bring in your vehicle for car aircon servicing and aircon regas. Our auto electrician will conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s air condition system, identify the problem and restore it to its best working condition.

New Tyre Sales and Installation Hallam

It is only an expert who can provide the best tyre replacement service. We will accurately install tyres in a way that will promote safety and the best driving experience.

Roadworthy Certificate

A roadworthy certificate is important in justifying that your car has passed the minimum safety requirements. You will require a roadworthy certificate if you are selling or purchasing a new vehicle. 

Wheel Alignment

Tire alignment ensures a safe drive. With regular alignment, your tyres will last longer, and this will save you money in the long run.

Logbook Service

When it comes to logbook service, our team of experts will inspect your car and offer accurate repairs, and you won’t have to worry about the termination of your warranty.

Engine Transmission Service & Wheel Alignment

In addition to routine maintenance, we specialise in more complex services that enhance your vehicle’s performance and safety. Our Engine Transmission Service ensures that your car’s heart and transmission system are functioning optimally, reducing the risk of costly future repairs. For those experiencing alignment issues, our Wheel Alignment service corrects angles, improving handling and extending tire life.

Our services also extend to climate control with our Aircon Regas Servicing, ensuring you stay comfortable regardless of the season. Moreover, for drivers noticing issues with vehicle electronics, our comprehensive Electrical Services address everything from battery checks to complex electronic repairs.

Maintaining proper wheel alignment on your vehicle is extremely crucial to keep control of your car and to prevent tyres from excessive wear. We will perform a full visual inspection of your vehicle and properly adjust the angles of the wheels as per the manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, we also provide rims and tyres for sales from world’s leading manufacturer at the lowest possible prices.

If you are unsure about the problem with your vehicle, drop your car at Singh’s Tyre & Auto Centre. Also, call 0433 196 076 to get free estimates or to schedule an appointment today.


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