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Sudden car breakdown happens due to the mechanical failure of the vehicle. It requires a skilled mechanic to diagnose the issue and take prompt action. If your vehicle is facing breakdowns often, it is safe to get your vehicle’s engine diagnosed by Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre. We have been providing high-quality car repairs and services across Lyndhurst and its nearby surroundings.

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Engine Transmission Service Lyndhurst

Are you facing any trouble in shifting the gears? or else, sensing any burnt smell? It might be a fault in your vehicle’s engine. Our expert mechanics conduct thorough research on the vehicle’s transmission with advanced tools. We will clear the transmission and rebuild it to factory standards.

Tyre & Wheel Alignments Lyndhurst

Tyres and wheels should be maintained properly and checked by experts at regular intervals. The excessive speed on improper road surface may cause tear and wear on your tyre and wheels. We have the best quality tyres from top brands at the price you love. An improper wheel alignment can ruin your vehicle’s performance. Our experienced auto technicians thoroughly check the wheels position and adjusts its angles. 

Roadworthy Certificate Lyndhurst

As the licensed car repair centre with extensive knowledge of car repairs and maintenance, we guide you with the vehicle inspection process. Our mechanics carefully examine your vehicle and notify if there is any serious fault that needs quick action. To get the Roadworthy certificate, it has to be approved by a road inspector. We provide the essential service to ensure that your vehicle passes the roadworthy test.

General Car Repair and Maintenance Lyndhurst

If your vehicle is troubling you and you are unsure of the problem; bring your vehicle to Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre. We will help you with our high-quality car repairs to keep your vehicle run smoothly for a longer period.

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