Mechanics & Car Service Springvale South

Singh’s Tyre & Auto Centreoffers diagnosis and car repair services for our customers across Springvale & Springvale South. We repair vehicles of all makes and models, regardless of the year of manufacture and mileage traveled. Our car mechanics care for the technical condition of your vehicle and help to avoid the unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs of your vehicle. With the right experience, equipment, and training, we handle anything from routine maintenance to major car repairs.

Mechanics Springvale South

Singh Tyre & Auto Centre is proud to offer premier car service to the Springvale South community. Our facility boasts a team of expert mechanics who specialises in diagnosing and resolving a range of automotive issues. Utilising the latest technology and techniques, we ensure that each vehicle is serviced to the highest standards. Whether it’s a simple oil change or more complex repairs, our mechanics in Endeavour Hills are committed to delivering professional and reliable service every time.

Logbook Services Springvale South

Keeping up with your vehicle’s logbook services is crucial for maintaining its health and ensuring it operates smoothly. Singh Tyre & Auto Centre offers thorough logbook services that adhere strictly to manufacturer guidelines. This not only helps in maintaining your vehicle’s warranty but also enhances its resale value. Our detailed inspections and adjustments are tailored to meet the specific needs of your car, providing you with peace of mind. Schedule your next logbook service with us at our Logbook Service facility.

Car Repairs & Maintenance

We understand how stressful it can be when your car is not performing well. That’s why we will do everything possible to get you back on the road fast. Every mechanic at our auto repair centre is certified and fully trained to inspect, identify and fix any car problem you might have. Equipped with the latest equipment and technologies, we carry out the car service to the industry standard. So, you can rest assured that your vehicle remains in good condition throughout its lifetime. 

Air Conditioning Service, Repair & Maintenance

A car without an air conditioning system can be uncomfortable to drive. A properly working AC keeps your and everyone in the vehicle cool and comfortable all the way to your destination. Our auto electricians assess the climate control issues and provide car aircon servicing and aircon regas at fair prices.

Engine Transmission Service 

The engine and transmission are the heart of your vehicle, and maintaining them is key to your car’s performance. Singh Tyre & Auto Centre specialises in engine and transmission services that help extend the life of these critical components. From routine maintenance to complete overhauls, our skilled mechanics ensure your engine and transmission function efficiently and reliably. Trust our Engine Transmission Service for exceptional care and expertise.

In addition to these specialised services, Singh Tyre & Auto Centre offers Wheel Alignment to ensure your vehicle’s wheels are set to the optimal position, which improves safety and tire longevity. Our Aircon Regas Servicing also ensures that your air conditioning system is functioning at its best, keeping you comfortable regardless of the weather.

Misaligned wheels can result in irregular tyre wear and can affect the handling of your vehicle. We have specialized equipment to make accurate adjustments to the wheels of your vehicle as per the manufacturer recommended specifications. Apart from wheel alignments, we also provide tyre services that help to improve your drivability. We also stock rims and tyres for sales from world’s leading brands and even assist you with choosing the perfect set for your vehicle.

You can also rely on us for

At Singh’s Tyre & Auto Centre, we offer free estimates and outstanding services at affordable prices. Our commitment to providing quality car service in Springvale South remains steadfast. We are dedicated to ensuring that every vehicle we service meets our high standards for safety, performance, and reliability. Choose our Roadworthy certificate. Trust us for all your automotive needs and let us help you keep your vehicle in top condition.

Our services are aimed at building your trust and taking the stress out of auto repairs. So, call us on 0433 196 076 for the best car driving experience.