Windscreen Repairs Cranbourne, Dandenong – Smash Repairs Cranbourne, Dandenong

car serviceA small chip or crack in your vehicle’s windshield can be easily ignored, but overtime they turn into a major problem. If the crack spreads across the windshield, it can hinder the driver’s view and make driving dangerous. Here at Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre, we have smash repair experts who are diligent and have a great experience to carry out windscreen repair in Cranbourne, Dandenong. Our services include logbook serviceRWCauto electriciancar audio installationcar battery replacementwheel alignmenttyre sales & repairs, car aircon servicing & regas & smash repairs. Our car mechanics specialize in all car service & repairs.

Windscreen Repair:

Windscreen damages are one of the most common problems that vehicle owners face. These cracks and chips on the windshield screens may be caused by

  • Changes in temperature
  • Direct sunlight
  • Road debris
  • Adverse weather
  • Structural pressure
  • Accidents

No matter what the exact source of the windscreen damage is, you must pay immediate attention and fix it right away as even the tiniest crack easily expands and you will end up replacing the entire glass. During windscreen repairs, we remove the air from the cracks and fill it with a resin to bond the glass together. This restores the strength and the structural integrity of the windshield, improving the break’s appearance.

Smash Repair:

We are not just confined to windscreen repair, but can also provide complete smash repair solutions. We have auto body repair specialists, spray painters and panel beaters who work as a team to get you and your car back on the road quickly and safely. Our smash repair team conducts a thorough inspection of your vehicle to identify the hidden and visual damages. Based on our findings, we determine the best way to bring your vehicle back to its factory condition.

Why Choose Us For Windscreen And Smash Repair?

  • We are experienced, trained and professional.
  • We are up-to-date with the latest car repair procedures.
  • We adhere to strict guidelines of the manufacturer.
  • We provide the highest quality car service at reasonable prices.
  • We make your vehicle deliver ultimate performance.
  • We have the most rigorous quality control process.

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