3 Strange Car Noises & What Do They Mean – Find Out!

Is your car in trouble? Are they producing strange & weird noises while driving, filling the gas tank, raising speed, or at rest? If so, they’re asking you to listen and insist you take them for a car service Cranbourne to diagnose and sort the issue. In today’s blog, let’s discuss three common & strange car noises and what they could mean.

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Humming Sound

If you hear a soft humming sound while driving or the sound gets louder or faster while increasing the speed, it may be a loose Wheel Alignment Cranbourne bearing noise that‘s possibly mistaken as engine noise. You can check the RPM gauge and speed gauge for any speed rise or any weird noise and replace the wheel bearing as soon as possible.

Drone Sound

Have you ever listened to a drone sound while taking u-turns or turning during the move? If you hear the drone sound constantly, it would be from your car tires. Poor quality car tyres with uneven tread depth will alarm you with this sound. Sometimes, it may even be the suspension component that makes the Tyres Cranbourne go up and down or in a roller coaster ride. This is when you need to change the car or ask a car service expert to identify the problem.

High-pitched Squealing noise

Nothing can make your vehicle like an animal squealing for attention. If you constantly hear a squealing noise when you start the engine, it would be the serpentine belt. If the serpentine belt is cracked or worn out, it will start producing weird noises we know never existed. Sometimes the squeaking sound maybe severe in the middle and may turn into a loud whining noise, your pump maybe damaged and needs a quick fix. Once it is fixed, you will have a smooth & seamless ride.

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