The Importance Of Roadworthy Certificate

Being a car owner comes with responsibilities, and car servicing is one of them. If you get on the road, you must ensure that your car is safe and sound for you to drive.  It helps you keep the ride in control. That’s why Car Service Cranbourne is a must to keep your car healthy and in perfect condition.  Moreover, you must ensure that your car is performing at its full potential.  But what if you wanted to sell your car? Or change your ownership to someone you know? 

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Never Miss Your Logbook Service Schedule – Here’s Why?

Is your car due for service? Your logbook has the answer. Always check with your logbook for your next car service schedule. Every new car owner has to go for logbook service every time on time. It not only helps to keep your car in perfect condition but also helps to maintain your statutory warranty. Your car’s warranty can become void when you fail or miss your logbook schedules. So, if you have already skipped one or two-car service schedules or thinking about getting a Logbook Service Cranbourne, let us tell you, following your logbook service is a necessity, and skipping the scheduled service can only put you in trouble.  Let’s see it in detail. Continue reading “Never Miss Your Logbook Service Schedule – Here’s Why?”

3 Strange Car Noises & What Do They Mean – Find Out!

Is your car in trouble? Are they producing strange & weird noises while driving, filling the gas tank, raising speed, or at rest? If so, they’re asking you to listen and insist you take them for a car service Cranbourne to diagnose and sort the issue. In today’s blog, let’s discuss three common & strange car noises and what they could mean. Continue reading “3 Strange Car Noises & What Do They Mean – Find Out!”