Never Miss Your Logbook Service Schedule – Here’s Why?

Is your car due for service? Your logbook has the answer. Always check with your logbook for your next car service schedule. Every new car owner has to go for logbook service every time on time. It not only helps to keep your car in perfect condition but also helps to maintain your statutory warranty. Your car’s warranty can become void when you fail or miss your logbook schedules. So, if you have already skipped one or two-car service schedules or thinking about getting a Logbook Service Cranbourne, let us tell you, following your logbook service is a necessity, and skipping the scheduled service can only put you in trouble.  Let’s see it in detail.logbook services

Warranty Claims

Sticking to your logbook schedule is crucial, especially when you have a new year to protect your warranty. Remember that warranty claims are a headache to deal with when you have not met your logbook schedule. The insurer may refuse to bear the cost of repairs and you may have to spend extra dollars for car service and repairs.

Boost Your Resale Value

One of the attractive & persuasive techniques to offer a prospective car buyer is to show a healthy record of services in your logbook book sealed by an authorized car service centre. When the logbook service is maintained properly, you’re most likely to get your desired resale money.

Avoid Costly Repairs

When your logbook service is maintained routinely maintained by a professional car service Cranbourne, they will look out for any sign of wear and tear and help you prevent them before it becomes worse. This way a logbook service schedule can prevent you from costly repairs and keep your vehicle in top condition. When you comply with your car’s warranty terms, you can stay away from the hassle and save your money & time from unnecessary car repairs.

Bottom Line

Keep your logbook service schedules just right to maintain your car and to be safe on the road. You will need an authorised car service In Cranbourne like Singh’s Tyre And Auto for genuine & high-quality logbook servicing. For car service in Cranbourne, call Singh’s Tyre & Auto Cranbourne on 0433 196 076 today.