The Importance Of Roadworthy Certificate

Being a car owner comes with responsibilities, and car servicing is one of them. If you get on the road, you must ensure that your car is safe and sound for you to drive.  It helps you keep the ride in control. That’s why Car Service Cranbourne is a must to keep your car healthy and in perfect condition.  Moreover, you must ensure that your car is performing at its full potential.  But what if you wanted to sell your car? Or change your ownership to someone you know? 

You will think about changing the worn-out parts, refilling the oil or fluids, or even replacing windshield wipers. Out of all this, getting a RWC inspection is necessary. If you’re selling, having a roadworthy certificate helps you pass the ownership to the next buyer after passing the roadworthy test, ensuring that the vehicle is safe on the road.

Roadworthy certificate

Why do you need a RWC in Cranbourne West?

  • Whether you’re registering your car for the first time or re-registering or transferring the ownership to someone, your vehicle must undergo roadworthy inspection. Certified and experienced vehicle testers from an authorised car service centre like Singh’s Tyre And Auto will diagnose your car’s condition, and review the health condition of critical components in your vehicle. If the vehicle condition meets all the roadworthy standards, you are more likely to pass the roadworthy test and get the certificate on hand.
  • To curb the number of accidents on Victorian roads and to clear the defect notice issued on your vehicle, you may require a roadworthy certificate.
  • The RWC is issued only by a certified vehicle tester and it is valid for 30 days from the date of its issue. If you have the certificate, you can be confident in driving your car and can change your ownership quickly.
  • If there are serious car repairs, you will have to resolve all the car repairs by a professional mechanic and take up the new roadworthy test to get the certificate.

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